Evershine Media provides a wide array of creative communication and marketing services to fit a large variety of needs and budgets. We focus our energy on promoting engaging interactive relationships for businesses offering guest and service experiences. Check out the detailed list of services below - and remember, our service offerings are always improving, so challenge us to work "outside the box!"

Every business thrives by gathering eyes and attracting customers. We specialize in preparing 360 degree photography and videos that offer virtual tours of businesses, tourist attractions, and other destinations. Virtual tours have been shown to improve the likelihood of customer visits and purchases. Our photos and videos can be found in Google Maps and Facebook 360 Posts, as well as embedded on client websites. The main purpose of this activity is to improve and optimize web quality and successfully rank higher in local search engine results.


Graphic design is a foundational element of any marketing and communication program - especially on the web! We've worked with lots of different businesses to hone our skills in designing graphics for a diverse set of situations and applications. From logo designs to click advertisements to web sliders and beyond, we've done it all and we're ready for the challenge of your project. We can also combine our graphic work with other services, such as web, mobile, and print design to ensure that your brand message is conveyed across every media venue.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a constant fixture within everyday life. This means that it's imperative for your business to prepare for this engagement with a mobile responsive web design that offers mobile-ready media and navigation. In addition to providing a mobile-friendly browsing experience, it's important to engage your customers as often as possible - which can mean utilizing other mobile options, such as mobile applications and text-based (SMS) communication programs. We offer a great deal of experience and expertise in successfully implementing mobile websites, mobile marketing programs, and mobile-first strategies.  

Print design is required for many businesses to create a tangible reflection of their brand image. From stickers, business cards, and flyers to brochures and branding manuals, it's imperative that your business has exactly what it needs to create a lasting impact when and where it counts. We specialize in developing targeted print design concepts that embody brand messaging while engaging customers with appealing visuals and effective calls-to-action. 

Online reviews are a major point of interaction for customers of all kinds, but this feedback often occurs in external venues which are out of your control. Websites like, Yelp!, TripAdvisor, Google+, and more, have become an important stopping point for consumers when evaluating their purchasing decisions. This makes it crucial for every business to have an effective program which tracks and responds to reviews in a timely and positive fashion. Evershine Media has partnered to bring you incredible reputation management reporting along with strategic planning and monthly reporting which will push you ahead of the competition.   

Search results often determine how easily your brand can be found on the internet. This means that search engine optimization is key to ensuring that your website is appearing with a high search rank when users input all the relevant keywords for your industry. This can be a timely and complex process, but we have a great deal of knowledge and experience with improving search rankings and optimizing websites for success. We offer a variety of programs targeted at improving your search rankings, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Social media has come to describe a vast array of different media types which serve the purpose of engaging with other individuals socially. As it has become more mainstream and widely used, it has become more vital for businesses to maintain a profile in the social media venues which are relevant to their industry. With the constant changes to such a large number of sites, it becomes difficult for busy business people to keep track of it all. At Evershine Media, we've used our experience to develop an organized process which helps you become empowered by your social media marketing and communication efforts.

Your website has become the first point of contact with prospective customers at the same time as performing the role of 24-hour salesperson. With the proliferation of mobile devices, most individuals can visit your site all day, every day, in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes it increasingly important to not only have a website, but to have a website which is mobile responsive, visually appealing, engaging, effective, and up-to-date. We have a history of success in building informative and interactive websites which create results - in the form of clicks, links, shares, and more.


Not seeing the service you need? We offer custom programs and services.